In total, I consumed sixteen different supplements in the course of one year. Each day, I took at least three to four different kinds of supplements; which would be the equivalent of ten to twelve pills and occasionally one small tube of liquid, per day. The companies of these products claim they have the highest-grade products, while at the same time they assert it is pure and comes from a natural source. No chemicals, no contaminated substances, only the goodness of nature for human's body.

'Uncooked, Untreated, Unadulterated' are terms these companies often use to promote and describe their products. These raw foods, in the form of pills, tablets and liquid, are specially designed for the so-called 'busier' group of people (e.g. office workers and students) that often don't have the time to cook a proper 'super raw food' meal.

After I began this project, my reaction, both mentally and physically, has changed me significantly. In a way I never thought better, or worse. No supplements have been consumed since.

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