"Once I converted my photographs to black and white, I saw what my bare eyes didn't see; glowing puffs appeared on random spots, some are quite visible and some are very subtle, creating such strange and alienating feelings. This whole new scene in front of my eyes intrigued me so much that I started to convert all my photographs to black and white, something that I seldom work with. It is uncanny but enchanting, secluded but mystical, so much abscence but also presence. It also feels both unfamiliar and familiar to me to the point it feels nostalgic; like memories I have forgotten. At the end of the day, I asked myself if I discovered it? Or did I create it?"


In January 2014, I participated in a one month micro-residency program held by a Taiwan-based publishing house/design studio 'Waterfall', for one of their publication, NOT TODAY Magazine. I was asked to work on a project, based on a certain area (city, district) in Taiwan. I chose Sanchong, an industrial district in New Taipei City that has the least development in art and culture. In a mission of finding art in a place where there supposedly has no art, what I found later was greater than I imagined.

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