The images in ‘Nebula’ represent my desperate escape from certain situations I was in. It was an unconscious attempt that I partook to create my own little glass house that filled with the greenest leaves, surrounded by strong, impregnable walls.

Several months ago, I took a short trip to a neighbouring country with my family. It was some sort of semi vegetative state I was in. Furthermore, my family and I didn’t really communicate well as we had an extremely high, thick barrier among each other. The trip was meant to bring us relaxation and refreshment that we needed, and probably to reconnect the bond between us. When in reality, it was a trying journey; filled with unfinished conversations and awkward, half-hearted gestures.

What were before me were my liberators. Every unfamiliar facade, smell, curve, color, expression, stare, gesture that I encountered gave me this certain intimate and relieving state in which I’d be willingly stay for as long as they want me to be. It’s simply being and floating in my own nebula, where I’m the only child, surrounded by the swirling particles, colliding with each other; like they’re trying to amuse and protect me in a way that only they know I could embrace.

I reached the point where these whole experiences gave me a lesson, an insight; the exploration of the awareness to my surroundings, that not every unfamiliarity is unfamiliar. Sometimes in the most painful condition, they would surface and present themselves to me as my long lost best friends at their warmest. They have the capabilities to evoke the feeling of pure calmness and security with importantly, the sense of belonging; instead of those who should have been my very own shelters.

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