‘Debbie’ is the first series Tea has created after almost six years of absence in photography. The whole process felt like finally coming home, in which she becomes the same individual but with a deeper sense of self and perception. This series depicts Tea’s day-to-day routine, doing all the usual things and portraying what’s happening during the time these photographs were taken. They're all set at her apartment, where she spends most of her time indoors.

As a freelance illustrator who works remotely from home, she's almost always on standby in her working space, in case her clients need an urgent revision or two. She often chooses to sit at the kitchen table, as there is this calming quality to it being in the middle of the living room; she can sometimes hear noises from her neighbors, which makes her feel like she's living in a big house with a family.

When she longs for fresh air and people-seeing, she would then decide to create her own landscape inside the concrete cube she lives in.

Rather than portraying the outside, ‘Debbie’ seeks the possibilities of the hidden side underneath a facade of what she presents to the world; a territory that otherwise cannot be seen by the naked eye. This ongoing series does not aim to implore for the absolute nor is it a mere record of the experience. It is to explore what else there is and photography, as the medium itself.

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