The idea of 'identity' always intrigues me. How one gives an impression; how one stimulates; how one affects oneself and the others.

In ‘Biyls’ (taken from the terms ‘boys’ (male) and ‘girls’ (female)), I attempted to investigate certain attributes of genders in today’s society and present what I’ve rediscovered further that I’ve always believed in. The mainstream of today’s society believes that the notions of masculinity and femininity are developing into something ambiguous and questionable each day. The suddenly occurring symptom of the so-called ‘grey areas’ in this matter even makes things more complex and hard to accept; not to mention how the belief systems have furthermore partook in intensifying the controversy.

“There are always two sides to a coin.” as they said. I profoundly believe that each gender consists of masculinity and femininity; be it male, female, third gender, fourth gender, fifth gender or just some gender. Those fundamentals simply make us a living being. What I'm proposing in ‘Biyls’, is not an outcome I picked up, gathered then constructed from various places; it is in fact, something that I believe has always been existing in the first place that is never related with the matters of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’; nor something we could free willingly decide or modify to begin with.

With this portrayal, I’m hoping that the mainstream would eventually unbind its blindfold; care to explore the ‘unseen layers’ within certain genders through a whole set of brand new x-ray goggles. Thenceforth, acknowledging what have been denied and labeled as taboo, for those things aren’t easy to be perceived by the naked eye, nor outside the current social norms.

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